Your (and your tastebuds') happiness matters more to us than anything! We wanted to share some feedback that we have received from our happy food lovers...

"Blown Away"

I am blown away by the incredibly efficient process from ordering to receiving my meat through Braai Free. It is fast, reliable, easy to navigate, great quality and more. The meat itself is of highest quality, their steaks are divine! Meat was individually packed and labelled. I am so excited to have found such a great meat supplier which delivers to my door! Plus unbeatable pricing. Just incredible!!!!

- Calista, Johannesburg, Facebook

 "Way Past Superb"

Thank you! I placed and paid for my order on Tuesday, and, as the website says, it was delivered on Wednesday. First of all, I was struck and impressed by the packaging. EVERYTHING was neatly packed and sealed appropriately. And it was delivered in sealed polystyrene cooler boxes. It meant it was fresh and not at all hot or even slightly warm. Because it was so neatly and individually packages and wrapped it makes storage a breeze. No need to thaw and package it before storing, just freeze and store. Then, we only got to braaing it yesterday. Man, oh, man - it was DIVINE. These steaks were nice and tender. We wanted to taste it, so we didn't marinade it or anything, just added a little braai salt to spice it up a bit, and not a lot mind you. It was a VERY good idea not to marinade it or anything like that. The steaks were extremely tender, juicy and tasty. We had some of the boerewors as well, and it was just as tasty. It was really soft and one of the best things, to me at least, was the seasoning. It wasn't over-spiced or anything like that, but you could taste the seasoning and it tasted excellent. Hands-down the best meat I've had in a very long time, if not ever. Congratulations and keep it up!

- Charl, Pretoria, 500g T-Bones

 "The Best Online Service To Date For Me"

Ordered my hamper on Monday after 12pm and it got here on Wednesday as they promised. Quality of the meat is amazing and packaged adequately. The delivery guys are polite and friendly making sure you get your order. Braai Free is beyond exceptional. I am Impressed!!!

- Koketso, Johannesburg, Facebook

 "So Easy” 

Placing an order on their website is so easy. They have different payment options and they deliver on time. The best part is to pack the meat in the freezer.... such bliss because the meat is Packaged nicely. Lastly the products are so fresh and delicious.

- Nare, Heidelburg, Savings Hamper

 "Excellent Service"

I was pleasantly surprised. Meat is of good quality and service is excellent.

- Morne, Heidelburg, Mid-Month Hamper 

 "Why Not Try It Out!"

From the website, to the ordering, payment, delivery and seeing my goodies arrive, there was all round excellence. Even the after sales service and assistance was great, and I am confident that this is the best fresh food delivery service around. Braai Free is highly recommended by me, why not try it out!

 - Erin, Johannesburg, Facebook


Fantastic service, speedy delivery. Awesome meat. Friendly and helpful staff.

- Bonga, Johannesburg, Marinated Chicken Flatty